Together w/ Clorox

The Clorox Company

Brand Strategy

Cleaning is no longer the end, but a beginning. We clean to prepare for what is to come, what makes us happy. This strategic positioning allows us to create more emotionally centered communication that separates Clorox in a crowded category.

1./ Poett Fraganza


Poett Fraganza had a very precise need; to show the different types of fabrics where the product is effective. We challenged the brief to create a campaign that combines product demonstration and strong emotional context. We created a new language in the category, raising the bar and leaving the competition scrambling to catch up.

2./ Utensils


The perception of consumers is that bleach is a commodity product. All are equal. Ayudín®, the leading brand, needed to differentiate itself by creating sophistication and added value to an underestimated category. Ayudín® products complement cleaning in order to enjoy the moment that follows, focusing the consumer on things that really matter.