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Politics play an outsized role culturally in Argentina and there is widespread distrust of
politicians. There is a generally feeling that everyone has to play by the rules excepts the
politicians. We saw an opportunity to connected.


ZonaJobs is professional matchmaker using qualifications along with smart algorithms to examine lifestage and opportunuty to find exactly the right fit. But people don't change jobs everyday. So how do you keep the brand top of mind so it is the first choise when changing jobs?


This campaign, “Behind the Most Important Job”, brilliantly taps into widespread resentment, arming citizens with information from a trusted source; ZonaJobs. In one stroke, Zonajobs became the voice of reason and practicality while driving home the brand promise of matching the right person to the right job.


38% of people surveyed who saw the campaign changed their mind at the pols. Over 90% of those people connected the brand name with the campaign. Extraordinary recall that made ZonaJobs the topic of conversation for weeks leading up to the election.

In numbers


Of the people who want to see CVs before voting now.


Of voters changed their mind about candidates after seeing
the ZonaJobs resume campaing.


OOH around elections centers.